Does Cognishield Really Work?

Everyone recognizes the importance of physical health; many people strive to maintain a healthy diet, visit the doctor and exercise regularly. Cognishield is a product that acknowledges that brain health is just as vital as physical wellbeing. Developed to address the need of having an optimally functioning brain, this supplement is one of the most effective agents to help restore and build powerful mental function.

How Does Cognishield Work?

According to the manufacturer's website, the ingredients are meant to accomplish several objectives. First is stimulating the brain to produce more neurotransmitters. These are vital in the formation of new neural connections, which speeds up information processing by the brain. It also aims to protect the brain from damage caused by stress and also increase mental clarity/focus. Lastly, Cognishield also promotes the absorption of nutrients in the brain to improve memory recall, clarity, focus and productivity.


Choline is a B-vitamin which is proven to enhance cognitive and learning abilities, as well as memory. It also makes other cognitive enhancers more efficient too.

Noopept is a well-known nootropic compounds with origins in Russia. Studies indicate that it helps the brain form neural connections better. It also shields it from injury and oxidative damage, besides enhancing the production of nerve growth factor.

L-Theanine is a substance derived from green tea which is known to enhance mental focus and clarity. It also soothes the brain to calm it down, but without causing drowsiness.

Derived from piracetam, Phenyl-Piracetam is considered to be one of the most potent nootropic substances available legally. Studies indicate that it can dramatically enhance both physical and mental performance. This is the reason why only a small dosage is required to produce the desired outcome.

Cognishield Benefits

The process of developing this supplement involved careful research and lots of effort. It was skillfully designed while recognizing the brain's significant role in concentration, focus, alertness and memory. The most evident benefit of this product is improved focus. Most users claim it makes it much easier for them to complete long tasks. Productivity is also raised, since it takes less time to complete tasks.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Seeing how many nootropic substances are dosed incorrectly which leads to harmful effects, perhaps this would be the biggest concern with Cognishield for most. However, the supplement is very carefully dosed; only a small amount of phenyl-piracetam is used in conjuction with noopept. This means the former's effect is amplified without causing any detriment.

For people seeking to get their brain in optimal shape, Cognishield can help. A number of users claim that it's one of the most powerful agents they've tried. It can help in achieving a more intense state of focus, clarity and alertness.